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Palm & Ash

All Palm orders are shipped directly to you from the palm grower. Please be aware of the following

  • Order early as orders are filled on a first-come – first-served basis.
  • You may add to your order at any time, subject to availability.
  • You can reduce or cancel prior to March 1, 2024 without penalty.
  • Economical Flat Rate Shipping applies only to orders received by February 24, 2024.
  • Orders After February 25, 2024 are subject to increased freight charges as late order ground shipping or air shipping may be needed.
  • After February 29, 2024, your order is committed and can neither be canceled nor reduced.

Suggestion – Order a basic amount immediately to hold your place in line and adjust as needed later.

Palm and Ash from Cotter Church Supplies, Inc.

Ashes are the burnt product of palm leaves. Sold in three sizes (packets for 100, 500 and 1,000 people).

The Texas palm is the most popular, with a green edge and yellow heart and available in two sizes.

The Florida palm that is green throughout will not be available in 2024.

There are several types of palm decor available also.

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Palm Instructions and Care

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